• 20 Oct, 2022

Rice is called Parabrahma


Rice is called Parabrahma form. No creature lives without rice. Finding rice without any deficit means that the grace of the Kashi Annapurna Goddess is a must. There will be no shortage of food items for those who measure that mother regularly. The prophecy of the mother is that the mother will be grateful to those who meditate gratefully on the mother at every meal and offer sacrifices to the many living beings who are with us in the universe, to those who serve the guest, the guest service, the open, and the hungry. Annadanam is equivalent to the result of donating one crore cows. Can live without anything. But you can’t live without food.

The elders say that “there is no other gift than almsgiving” which is “the greatest of all gifts.” Man has no end to hope … no more control, because whatever is donated … no matter how much is given is still desirable. But those who donate in Annadanam are satisfied by saying that there is still enough. We may not be able to satisfy the recipient of any donation, but we can only fully satisfy the recipient if we donate. There are also those who consider almsgiving as a sacrifice. Adults are told to show the house where the rice is kept even if they cannot donate food to the hungry.



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